Joseph Alessio - Write a new chapter

Joseph went as far as to post up a video of the process. There is a first time for everything. Check out the video here.

Amazing work, Joseph!

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Lydia Nichols - Eat more veggies

I love all of you that make this project what it is. I really do. But Every year when I get one from Lydia, it makes me smile. This year is no different.

Thanks again, Lydia!

Elias Jones - Weiwei your options

"In 2014 I was inspired by a book called "Ai Weiwei: Spatial Matters" which is a collection of essays by leading critics and art historians, interviews with the outspoken, provocative, and prolific, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, and around 450 beautifully reproduced color illustrations of his work.

In 2015 I plan on "weighing my options" with regard to my career. Ai Weiwei has been quoted as saying his favorite word is "act." I'm mixing idioms here, but I basically plan to apply a little Weiwei philosophy to my choices in this year."

Thanks for always supporting the project, Eli.

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Joe Bacigalupo - Onward

This is what Joe B. is going to tackle in 2015

"New year, new career.
At the end of last year I took a step in a different direction. My resolution is to kill it no matter what unknown challenges are ahead.


Thanks my friend.

Erik Marinovich - Stop wasting time

We got a newbie to the To Resolve project this year. I am sure some of you might of heard of this fella. Honored to have you along for the ride this year, Erik. Thanks for wasting your time on this project.

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Bob Ewing - Slow down

Here is what Bob is focusing on for 2015

"Slow down. Be present and soak up as much as you can."

Great type as always, Bob.

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Jillian Adel - Blow up

Jillian is about to…

"The following is a Riff Raff quote, and also my 2015 goal. Eloquence & class is the name of the game."


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Andrew Martis - Get shit done

"I spent much of 2014 just coasting through and not chasing the things I wanted to be doing. 2015 is my time to get shit done, go on new adventures, meet new people and start new things!"

Best looking shit i've seen in awhile.
Thanks Andrew!

Amy Kirby Streger - Stop startin over

Here is what the wifey has in store for 2015.

"This year my resolution is to stop starting over. Once I start something, I want to commit to finishing it. Last year at this time we were battling New York City, and now living in wonderful Portland, Oregon it's time to stay put & follow through."

Thank you for moving back to this rain soaked metropolis for me.

Bobby Jeffries - Save your self

Matt Chase - See

Matt didn't give much of a description and I am not going to try to be funny here. Matt's work is way to intelligent for some cheap laugh.

Thanks for showing me the door, Matt.

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Eliza Cerdeiros - Make magic this year

This is the third year Eliza has submitted for To Resolve! If that doesn't give her some extra mojo this year, I don't know what will. Thanks for the three-peat!

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Wesley Stuckey - Be bold not old

I love this one…let me just get my glasses to read what it says.

Cameron Sandage - Get better

"2014 was the year of change, I was laid off, lost my grandfather to cancer and moved from Portland to Austin. During the year I had a bunch of ideas, projects I wanted to do and things I wanted to accomplish. With everything that happened everything just went to the wayside.

Now as we are in 2015, I was thinking about what I wanted to do, where I want to go both professionally and personally and started to come up with a bunch of ideas for how to express these decisions for the To Resolve Project.

But then I just kept going back to Paul Rand's quote, "Don't try to be original; just try to be good.” which is great words for any designer to live by. But this year I don't want to be good, I want to be better. Better at organizing my time, better at my craft, better at keeping up with side projects and overall just a better person.

So for 2015 my To Resolve is to Be Better."

Something we can all stand behind.
Thanks Cameron

Martin Azambuja - Print more

I love when Martin submits, it automatically makes To Resolve international. This is what Martin has in store for 2015.

"Nothing like seeing your work in print, go and do it!"

Thanks Martin!

Ben Stafford - Say yes to no

"My friend Jeb mentioned that he needed to get better at saying "no" to new design projects. He didn't have enough time to work on his own ideas. I would rather take on a few great projects than many mediocre ones. In 2015, I'm making it a habit to saying "no" more often"

Thanks for waiting to say not until after this project, Ben!

Eight Hour Day - Drink More Water

"Seriously. You need water to live. Do not grab a soda. Take the time—wash out your friggin' water bottle—and drink the damn water."

This has to be one my favorite posts of all time because it took four years to happen! Thank you for putting up with my harassing emails all of these years Katie!

Drink up,

Dan Cassaro - Stay Wild

And the winner for the most consistent resolution goes to Dan "still staying wild" Cassaro. Nothing says "wild" like being consistent.

Keep up the good work, Dan.

Andy Prince - Unsubscribe

Finally, a resolution I think we can all get behind.

Thanks for the white space, Andy.

Justin Mezzell - Go Outside

What are you staring at this screen for? go! Get out of here!

Eric Reigert - Explore & Create

"I've only been out of the country once, and that was to Canada. Time to explore the globe in 2015."

Just make sure you let your boss know before you take off exploring.

Good job so far creating, Eric.

Brian Yohn - Get Out

"There are several different things I'd like to "get out" of in 2015, so I decided to keep it vague in hopes that I can make it a multidimensional resolution."

Yo man, get outta here.
Word to your mother.

Justin Lancaster - Learn to Let Go

"2014 was a tough year for all kinds of reasons. I came to realize that, in a lot of ways, I hold onto things too much. So, in the new year I’d like learn to let go. After all, life is too short to hold onto thoughts or react in ways that don’t make you happy. It’s a waste of energy. Here’s hoping I can stay true to this resolution."

Good luck Justin! I will leave you with these encouraging words from Elsa "Let it go, let it go! Can't hold it back any more. Let it go, let it go! Turn away and slam the door."

Jacob Weber - Enjoy The Little Things

"2014 seems like it went super fast, and I'm honestly a little surprised it's over already. With that being said, for 2015, I am planning to take some time to just - Enjoy The Little Things. Whatever those little things might be and whenever they may arise, I want to try to remember to take a moment and just enjoy it. So here's to a new year and enjoying all of what I can."

Adam R Garcia - Peace of Mind

"Peace of mind and heart, with myself and others."

Christopher Michon - Don't Stress

Here is what Christopher has in line for the new year.

"2014 was nuts, with buying and moving into a new house, and all the headaches that come with homeownership. 2015 is shaping up to be even crazier with a new job and another child on the way. I have to remember to not chew those pencils, and enjoy the ride!"

Stay sharp, Christopher.

Rachel Wright - Celebrate The Everyday

Jacob Rosenburg - Get Lost

This is what Jacob has in store for the new year.

"This year I am getting lost. From trying new things with my work to finding a secret fishing hole in the back woods of Michigan. I hope this resolution will take me on new adventures in life."

Thanks for the submission, Jacob. Now go get lost.

James Olstein - Launch More Projects

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